About the Nackord Karate System

The Nackord Karate System has been in operation since 1969 and has taught literally thousands of students. It is led by Dennis Nackord, 9th degree black belt and karate school owner. Click here for Mr. Nackordís bio.

Nackord Karate School Training Facility

The NKS is a spacious martial arts training center conveniently located in Wayne, PA, in the Gateway shopping center. A big feature setting the Nackord System apart from other schools is the experience and strength of its instructor staff. Many of our staff have been with Mr. Nackord for over 25 years and are still actively teaching. All NKS classes are taught by high-ranking adult black belts. Many of our instructors are also doctors, lawyers, artists, physicists, and school teachers. You can check out our staff by clicking here.

While most karate schools locally and nationally teach about 90% children, the Nackord System teaches over 50% adults. This makes for a very mature school where adults can train realistically with instructors who know how to teach them. Today itís rare to find a martial arts school with a large adult population. Many cater to children and there are few if any adults to train with. And sometimes children and adults are in the same classes. NKS has separate classes for adults and children to address their different needs. For information on adult classes click here.

NKS not only has a large adult population also a very strong childrenís karate program. Once again the classes are taught by high ranking adult NKS black belts. NKS prides itself on providing a quality martial arts education. Kids' classes at NKS are enjoyable but arenít fun and games. We donít simply play with your children; we teach them. NKS emphasizes character development in all of its kids' classes through motivational messages about self-discipline, responsibility, and respect. For information on Kids' classes click here.

Mr. Nackordís primary instructors were: full contact kickboxing and karate champion Joe Lewis and Kenpo Grandmaster Ed Parker. Mr. Nackord is Joe Lewisí highest-ranking black belt. Click here for more information on Joe Lewis.

Our system of realistic self-defense teaches you how to defend yourself in different environments and scenarios. Our system teaches punching, kicking, locking, throwing, footwork, and timing. NKS is a system rather than a style. Styles can be limited to only one aspect of martial practice where systems teach sound principles and movements that are universal to all situations.

Our system is comprised of the arts of Karate, Kenpo, Jiu-Jitsu, Western and Eastern boxing styles, weapons practice and defense, and stretching and physical conditioning. When you put these together it creates a well-rounded mixed martial arts system thatís good for self-defense and a well-balanced life.

Learning to protect ourselves from physical harm isnít the only training we need. Weíre more likely to be injured by stress and unhealthy habits than a physical attack. NKS promotes stress reduction and healthy lifestyles in its classes with emphasis on flexibility of the spine and joints.

NKS training methods also inspire the student to become the best he/she can be on the inside. Perseverance, concentration, and self-confidence are needed for self-defense, the workplace, and everyday life. Our students have told us that taking classes at NKS is like taking a ďMini VacationĒ where their worries are miles away. Theyíve also told us that they feel more confident in their ability to handle whatever life throws at them. Thatís what keeps them coming back--the positive experience NKS offers.

Now is your chance to experience the rich history of the Nackord Karate System. Check out our pages for our programs and contact us today to get started.

NKS School Parent Lounge and Viewing Area