Below are links to some of the testimonials that students of the NKKS have written. Click on any of them to view the complete text.

Amazing lineage
Highest level of instruction and family
Experienced practioner finds new family
Easy transition from another school
Proud to be a student
Teaching ethic
I have long wanted to express my gratitude
The most positive atmosphere I have ever been in
Kindness, Understanding, and Empathy
Grateful for personal attention
Studied under top instructors on both coasts…no better place to learn than at the Nackord studio.
The best life decision I could have made (and paying off ever since)
The first grappling class I attended was great and I can’t wait to attend again!
My fears were unfounded
From the start I felt a member of the family
This training helped change my perspective
Not the closest school, but the choice was easy
So much more than I could have ever hoped for
The journey can be enjoyed for a lifetime
Brand new student is thrilled
Helped me be successful in my martial arts training as well as in my professional life
The best birthday gift I could ever have given myself
Providing the drive and focus to lose weight and get into shape
Experience nothing short of AMAZING
A very feminine woman who loves kickboxing
Ability to mentally focus and be "in the moment"--a skill put to work every day
Wonderful family activity
Self-confidence, respect, maturity, and physical fitness for children
Reduced stress in personal life, got back into shape